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Today for the Bog-tember Challenge Bailey asked us to create a inspiration/mood board for this season in our life. I had a lot of fun thinking about this one and we all know that I've come to love a good mood board :) 

I'm finding this season of my life to be a busy one but a good busy. I'm juggling a lot of balls and sometimes I don't manage to keep them up in air all at the same time but that's ok. I have become the Queen of prioritising. 

I'm trying to work at my writing. Too many times I have become overwhelmed, thinking that I'm not good enough at it so I take a step back. I don't want to do that again and I figured that the best way is to write everyday.. Even if it's something small, something insignificant, it doesn't matter as long as I write. 

I have just started a Make-Up Artist course which takes up a lot of my evenings. This course is something that I'm really excited about and I want to make a career out of it. 

I keep trying to face my fears. Normally when I feel like I'm dreaming too big I stop and talk myself out of it. Not anymore though. Who says I can't do these things? So far, no one but myself. 

I'm trying to raise my children to be kind and generous people. To be thoughtful of others but to still be individuals. I want to raise them to have morals and to know what they want in life. I want to be present for their childhoods. Right now it feels like I am going to be potty training and reading 'The Hungry Little Caterpillar' forever but I know thats not the case. It won't be long before they don't want to hold my hand walking down the street or they will want to go out with their friends rather sit on my lap and listen to stories. I want to saviour this season. 

I feel like the past few months I've finally found my rhythm. I've figured out what I want to do.. (Not saying that I know how I'm going to get there!) Maybe it was turning 30.. Maybe it's just taken me longer than other people.. I'm enjoying this season though and that's what matters. 


  1. Found your blog through the Blog-tember link up. I would love to take a make-up artist course! I have always loved make-up (it is on my mood board, coincidentally).

  2. I hear ya about raising generous kids and potty training. Ugh! We gave up after 11 days because he just wasn't getting it. I feel like we will always be in this crazy and chaotic life, but then I think of how much I will miss this when they are bigger.


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