Friday Night!

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Today prompt is all about Friday nights.. Imagine you are staying in, how would you spend it?

Before I had James and Emilie, I couldn't imagine staying in on a Friday night. Friday and Saturday nights were for going out and dancing! Then I became a Mum and I love nothing better than being at home with them. Some people think I'm crazy for not wanting to occasionally go out and party the night away. The truth is though that I've done it. My late teens and early twenties were all about going out with friends, drinking, dancing and not getting home until 4am. Now I am quite happy to tuck my chicken up in bed, know their safe and happy and then spend some time chilling out.. 

Here's how a perfect Friday night looks to me.. 

Emilie goes to bed at 7pm, she's an early riser so if she goes to bed any later then she is such a grump the next day. Depending on how tired he is James goes between 7-7.30pm. I would then have a bath using one of my lush bath bombs. I have only just discovered these and honestly I don't know why someone didn't tell me about them beforehand! The scents are AMAZING and I love the colours :)

After my bath Anthony and I would then get a Chinese take out. I normally go for the Omelette but lately I've been getting the duck with the little pancakes. I love them because I can make them up as and when I want them so it last me all evening.

We would put Netflix on and find a film.. We both have different tastes in movies so finding one we can agree on is always a challenge.. I would off course have a stash of chocolate nearby... I love just chilling on the sofa in my comfy clothes with blankets and pillows. After being 'Mummy' all day it's nice to have a few hours when I'm not being pulled at, poked or climbed on. No matter how tired I am I have to have a few hours in the evening before I go to bed, it keeps me sane.

How are your Friday evenings spent?


  1. I'm all about the dinner and Netflix, too! Also, Peking Duck pancakes are so yummy!

    Noveltea Corner

  2. Totally understand where you're coming from about needing a bit of alone time at the end of the day....can't believe you've only just discovered bath bombs! It made me chuckle as they were an absolute hit with my littles when we were in England; they couldn't wait to run a bath to dunk a bath bomb!


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