Today's prompt for the Blog-tember challenge is a Currently post. I love these types of posts and tend to do them on a Sunday but a Saturday is always good too :)

Reading... My coursework for my Makeup course. It's hard work but I'm loving it. 
Watching... Once Upon A Time on Netflix.. I love it! 
Trying... To keep up with the blog-tember challenge! 
Cooking... Tonight we're having burgers! I've done heathly meals all week but  I know that once in a while Anthony craves junk food.. 
Drinking... A can of Relentless.. I don't know how I would survive without my energy drinks. Especially after Emilie keeping me up most of last night. 
Calling... So far no one today. Makes a change. Normally my phone is attached to me.
Pinning... Makeup looks. 
Tweeting... Not much lately. I go through a love-hate relationship with Twitter. 
Loving... Learning a lot lately. I enjoy learning new things. You're never too old! 
Hating... How the weather keeps changing. One minute it's freezing and then it's hot again. It changes so much, even within the same day. I never know what to wear in the morning. 
Discovering... Quite a bit about myself and what I want. 
Thinking... About everything that I need to do. My to-do list is overwhelming at the moment. 
Feeling... Tired but motivated. 
Hoping (for)... Contentment. 
Celebrating... Anthony turning 34(!!) & James starting year two.
Smelling... My new Cinnamon Yankee candle. It reminds me of Autumn and Winter. 
Ordering... I want to order some Zoeva makeup brushes but I need to wait a week or so. (Those things are expensive!) 
Considering... What I want to accomplish in the coming months. Lots of plans going on in my head. 
Wearing... My white jeans. I love them but hate how dirty they look at the end of the day. Thank you James and Emilie!
Clicking... Through the new blogs that I have found through the blog-temper challenge!  
Loving... YouTube at the moment. I'm learning a lot for my course through videos. 

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  1. I started watching Once Upon a Time over the summer and was briefly addicted to it! Then I went back to camp where the internet connection is subpar (so Netflix doesn't work) and stopped watching. I enjoyed the first half of the first season though, it was fun trying to figure out the mysteries!


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