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Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?

Fashion is like my taste in music - It varies.. Sometimes I'm daring and want to try new things and other times I retreat back to my comfy jeans and boots. This year for the first time since I was a kid I wore short dungarees. I felt like a cross between a ten year old and Bob The Builder. 

I love the look of Maxi-dresses but they don't suit me. Many a time I have been stood in a changing room with one and hoping that this time it would look good but nope. They seem to cut me off in the middle and make me look really short. 

I tend to go for a smart/casual look.. A pair of skinny jeans, boots and a nice top. 

I don't tend to follow the 'fashion trends' - Firstly because I cannot afford to! Secondly because with two children, I just don't have the time. I wear what I think looks good on me and my body shape and things that I like and feel comfortable in. Gone are the days where I could wear five inch heels day after day.. Thanks pregnancy! 


  1. I'm totally with you! I found what looks and feels good on me and I pretty much stick right to it.

  2. Oh yes! Your style looks awesome! Love the browns and gold!

    1. Brown & golds are definitely my go-to colours.. Even with my makeup lol :)

  3. I love the looks! I'm 'um-ming and ah-ing' about whether to get a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans (can a 40+ woman wear them?!)....


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