Blog-Tember Challenge - Shuffle Your iPod :)

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Shuffle your iPod and share the first ten songs that play. 

I have a varied taste in music so I've been looking forward to this prompt. I have everything on my phone from Pink to Celine Dion to Elvis Presley. It's very rare that we don't have music playing in our house :)

Okay so here goes.. Shuffle!

1// Forget You - Cee-Lo Green

2// Loved Me Back To Life - Celine Dion

3// Way Down - Elvis Presley

4// Frosty The Snowman - Gene Autry
(Yes I have a Christmas Album on my phone! Don't worry, it only gets played in December) 

5// Hold Back The River - James Bay

6// Since U Been Gone - Pitch Perfect Album

7// Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift

8// You Are My Rock - Delta Goodrem 

9// High Hopes - Kodaline 

10// Blaze Of Glory - Bon Jovi

See.. I told you. A varied taste in music :) If you haven't watched the video for Kodaline's High Hopes before go and watch it now! 


  1. Love "Hold Back the River"! <3

  2. You had me at Frosty the Snowman - used to listen to that on my 45 rpm over and over and over when I was a kid. Elvis isn't too shabby either...

  3. I love your taste in music! It's a little bit of everything which is the best way to go, in my opinion. :)


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