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What's Your Favourite Season? 

For the past few years here in England it feels like we only have two seasons. It's either raining or it's sweltering hot. I have two favourite seasons though and it's kind of hard to pick between the two. I love Summer.. Who doesn't? It's easier to leave the house with the kids, no trying to find that one elusive glove, no trying to fix the rain cover onto the pram when you know that just a few days before it fit perfecty fine but seems to have shrank in just 48 hours.. The sun makes everyone happier. Days out and picnics.. Playing in the park or just chilling in the garden. Life seems to go at a slower pace and it's amazing.. 

On the other hand though... Autumn.. That wonderful time of the year when you can go outside without melting but you don't need to bundle up just yet.. The leaves are starting to turn and it seems like there is colour everywhere you look.. You can wear your boots again and the idea of layers is exciting. Halloween, bonfire night and christmas is just around the corner and all those feel good movies start appearing on the television.. 

I honestly don't think I could choose between those two seasons.. You can keep winter but I'll have Autumn & Summer :) 


  1. Where I live, fall doesn't last very long, but it's definitely my favorite! The summers here and SO hot and humid that it makes me want to sit around and do nothing. But when fall hits... it's like a breath of fresh air!

  2. Oh I bet! I couldn't imagine the humidity of some places! x


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