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Blog-tember Challenge - My Different Kind of Wish List.

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Okay, so it's pretty obvious that I didn't keep up with this challenge as well as I wanted to. I was sure that I would miss a day here or there but ten days? In a row? I wasn't expecting that. I guess that what happens when life happens :)

I'm back for day twenty-seven though. Today's prompt is to share our Wish List. Now I know this more than likely means material things but I'm not going to do that today. I'm going to write my Non-material-wish-list.. 

1// For James and Emilie to always know that they are loved. For them to feel safe, secure and protected. For them to be happy and carefree. 

2// For me to slow down and not rush through life. To stop, look around and appreciate each day for what it is. The exciting days, the mundane and everything in between. 

3// To keep learning. Reading. Soaking everything in. You are never too old to learn something new. 

4// To create. To write. To put pen to paper and fingers to keys. To take photos. To capture those moments that I want to remember forever. 

5// To smile. To laugh. To cry. To love. To dance in the kitchen and sing in the shower. Jump in puddles and run through the rain. To lie in the grass and soak in the sun. To make shapes out of the clouds. 

These are the things on my wish list :) 


Blog-Tember Challenge - My Latest Obsession.

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Day 17 is all about our latest obsession. What can we not get enough of..

This prompt was easy for me.. 


Having just started my Level 3 Makeup Artist course I am literally obsessed with trying new makeup. I dread to think how much money I have spent in the past two months on new eyeshadows, foundations and powders.. (I'm better of just not thinking about it....) I figured though that if I want to do this properly then I need to know what's good and what's not. I've always pretty much just stuck to the same brands and colours but the past few months I have had so much fun trying new things.. Some have worked and some have been a complete bust.. (re - false eyelashes!) 

Here's a few of my favourite finds from August..

1// The Contour Kit from Collection
Hands down the best Contour kit I've found so far and it's under £5 so a real bargain :) 

2// Kate Moss Lipstick - Shade 101

I've never been a fan of lipstick but this one.. AMAZING. It has such good staying power.. I also have number 107 but it's very red and as someone who's never really worn lipstick, it's a bit scary.. This 101 shade is pale and perfect. 

3// Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Pomegranate. 

I have fallen in love with these colour tattoo's, this shade especially.. I just use this and blend it with a tiny bit of brown and I'm good to go. 

Your turn to spill.. What's your current obsession?


Blog-Tember Challenge - The Real You?


Brave Love Blog

The real you vs. the online you. Are they the same or different? - Day sixteen folks! Can you believe it? I'm more in shock that I've managed to not miss a post yet :)

The short answer to this question is yes, the online me is the same as the real me.. 

I am no different here on my blog than I would be if you met me in the street. I think to be able to sit down and share your life with anyone and everyone you have to be authentic otherwise it shows through and it wouldn't take people long to cotton on.. 

Sure I don't share everything here and there are some things that I keep private but what I do share and how I am is exactly the same in my day to day life. 

I'm shy, funny & insecure. I'm type A & worry about the little things. I'm passionate & an introvert. 

I try not to write too much about the bad bits of life. I like to keep this space happy and carefree. I think a lot of bloggers do that though. Who wants to read about paying bills or cleaning the toilet? Those things still happen. I just don't wish to write about them.

I love reading blogs where it feels like the writer behind them is being real and honest. I like to feel like I'm getting to know them as I'm reading. I hope that's what people feel like when they visit my blog. 


What's In Your Bag?


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Today's prompt is all about what's in your bag! 

Up until last week I was still using a changing bag for all Emilie's bits as well as my own. I finally decided after two years though that it was time for me to return to the world of grown up bags, rather than to keep pulling my purse out of a Doc McSuffin backpack :)

I L.O.V.E this bag. I was in the shop for ages trying different ones. The poor sales lady, I must have given her the right run around asking for bags that were on the top shelf. It was on sale and then she gave me an extra five pounds off. I love a good bargain. Given that I've only had the bag for a week it's still pretty tidy inside. Normally you'd find receipts stuffed in the pockets, the odd raisin from Emilie's snack pack, maybe a chocolate bar wrapper.. Thankfully I haven't had it long enough yet for that! 

I'm afraid it's pretty boring stuff really. My purse.. A pull-up (we're potty training!) a pack of wipes, my hair brush, my Kate Moss number 101 lipstick and my sun glasses. Normally my iPhone would be in there too but I was taking the photos with it :) 

What's in your bag? Anything more exciting than mine!? 


Five Books That Have Impacted My Life...


Brave Love Blog

This prompt is right up my street. Five books that have impacted our lives the most. For as long as I can remember my nose has been stuck in a book. I never minded getting sent to my room as a punishment when I was a kid. That's where my books were! My Mum still cottoned on though and instead used taking my books away as a punishment. 

I mostly read fiction but I'm willing to give anything a go. I've learnt a lot of life lessons from reading. 

1// Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert

I honestly believe that every woman should read this book. As soon as I finished it I went and brought my Mum a copy. I love the way that Elizabeth writes and how you feel like you are on the journey with her. You are eating spaghetti with her in Italy. You are praying with her in India. You are crying with her in the bathroom. I still read this book a couple of times a year. 

2// Mum's List - St John Greene

I couldn't read this book without crying. St John Greene wrote and published this book after his wife died from Cancer but the 'list' is all the things that she wants him to do with and for the children after she is gone. It's heartbreaking. 

3// 14,000 Things To Be Happy About - Barbara Ann Kipfer

I love how this is written in a list-stream-of-conscious-style. A list of little things to be happy about. You can literally open it on any random page and you are guaranteed to find something on that page that will make you smile. It's my go to on days where I feel down. 

4// Leaving Time - Jodi Picoult

This story was one of those that made me stop numerous time throughout and ask myself, "What would I do?" I love how Jodi relates the mother-daughter relationship with the elephants own mother-child relationships. The amount of research that must have gone into this book is amazing in itself. Even after I finished reading I couldn't stop thinking about this book. 

5// Tuesdays With Morrie - Mitch Albom

It has been so many years since I've read this book but I still love it. That must say something! Mitch Albom tracks down his old professor and spends fourteen Tuesday with him until he passes away. Morrie shares his wisdom and life lessons with Mitch. I think that fact that you know it is a true story makes it an even more emotional read. I now want to buy this book again and re-read it! 

I'm looking forward to reading other peoples book suggestions! I'm always on the hunt for new, exciting books and if I can learn something from them at the same time that's even better :) 


This Season.. A Mood Board.


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Today for the Bog-tember Challenge Bailey asked us to create a inspiration/mood board for this season in our life. I had a lot of fun thinking about this one and we all know that I've come to love a good mood board :) 

I'm finding this season of my life to be a busy one but a good busy. I'm juggling a lot of balls and sometimes I don't manage to keep them up in air all at the same time but that's ok. I have become the Queen of prioritising. 

I'm trying to work at my writing. Too many times I have become overwhelmed, thinking that I'm not good enough at it so I take a step back. I don't want to do that again and I figured that the best way is to write everyday.. Even if it's something small, something insignificant, it doesn't matter as long as I write. 

I have just started a Make-Up Artist course which takes up a lot of my evenings. This course is something that I'm really excited about and I want to make a career out of it. 

I keep trying to face my fears. Normally when I feel like I'm dreaming too big I stop and talk myself out of it. Not anymore though. Who says I can't do these things? So far, no one but myself. 

I'm trying to raise my children to be kind and generous people. To be thoughtful of others but to still be individuals. I want to raise them to have morals and to know what they want in life. I want to be present for their childhoods. Right now it feels like I am going to be potty training and reading 'The Hungry Little Caterpillar' forever but I know thats not the case. It won't be long before they don't want to hold my hand walking down the street or they will want to go out with their friends rather sit on my lap and listen to stories. I want to saviour this season. 

I feel like the past few months I've finally found my rhythm. I've figured out what I want to do.. (Not saying that I know how I'm going to get there!) Maybe it was turning 30.. Maybe it's just taken me longer than other people.. I'm enjoying this season though and that's what matters. 



Today's prompt for the Blog-tember challenge is a Currently post. I love these types of posts and tend to do them on a Sunday but a Saturday is always good too :)

Reading... My coursework for my Makeup course. It's hard work but I'm loving it. 
Watching... Once Upon A Time on Netflix.. I love it! 
Trying... To keep up with the blog-tember challenge! 
Cooking... Tonight we're having burgers! I've done heathly meals all week but  I know that once in a while Anthony craves junk food.. 
Drinking... A can of Relentless.. I don't know how I would survive without my energy drinks. Especially after Emilie keeping me up most of last night. 
Calling... So far no one today. Makes a change. Normally my phone is attached to me.
Pinning... Makeup looks. 
Tweeting... Not much lately. I go through a love-hate relationship with Twitter. 
Loving... Learning a lot lately. I enjoy learning new things. You're never too old! 
Hating... How the weather keeps changing. One minute it's freezing and then it's hot again. It changes so much, even within the same day. I never know what to wear in the morning. 
Discovering... Quite a bit about myself and what I want. 
Thinking... About everything that I need to do. My to-do list is overwhelming at the moment. 
Feeling... Tired but motivated. 
Hoping (for)... Contentment. 
Celebrating... Anthony turning 34(!!) & James starting year two.
Smelling... My new Cinnamon Yankee candle. It reminds me of Autumn and Winter. 
Ordering... I want to order some Zoeva makeup brushes but I need to wait a week or so. (Those things are expensive!) 
Considering... What I want to accomplish in the coming months. Lots of plans going on in my head. 
Wearing... My white jeans. I love them but hate how dirty they look at the end of the day. Thank you James and Emilie!
Clicking... Through the new blogs that I have found through the blog-temper challenge!  
Loving... YouTube at the moment. I'm learning a lot for my course through videos. 

Brave Love Blog


Friday Night!


Brave Love Blog

Today prompt is all about Friday nights.. Imagine you are staying in, how would you spend it?

Before I had James and Emilie, I couldn't imagine staying in on a Friday night. Friday and Saturday nights were for going out and dancing! Then I became a Mum and I love nothing better than being at home with them. Some people think I'm crazy for not wanting to occasionally go out and party the night away. The truth is though that I've done it. My late teens and early twenties were all about going out with friends, drinking, dancing and not getting home until 4am. Now I am quite happy to tuck my chicken up in bed, know their safe and happy and then spend some time chilling out.. 

Here's how a perfect Friday night looks to me.. 

Emilie goes to bed at 7pm, she's an early riser so if she goes to bed any later then she is such a grump the next day. Depending on how tired he is James goes between 7-7.30pm. I would then have a bath using one of my lush bath bombs. I have only just discovered these and honestly I don't know why someone didn't tell me about them beforehand! The scents are AMAZING and I love the colours :)

After my bath Anthony and I would then get a Chinese take out. I normally go for the Omelette but lately I've been getting the duck with the little pancakes. I love them because I can make them up as and when I want them so it last me all evening.

We would put Netflix on and find a film.. We both have different tastes in movies so finding one we can agree on is always a challenge.. I would off course have a stash of chocolate nearby... I love just chilling on the sofa in my comfy clothes with blankets and pillows. After being 'Mummy' all day it's nice to have a few hours when I'm not being pulled at, poked or climbed on. No matter how tired I am I have to have a few hours in the evening before I go to bed, it keeps me sane.

How are your Friday evenings spent?


My Bucket List.

Day ten already! I am loving this challenge and already I have met some lovely ladies and found some great new blogs to follow. Let's get today started, shall we?

Brave Love Blog

Ten items of your bucket list.. If you don't have one then make one now! 

I have a half completed bucket list that I started about two years ago and never finished. I've added a few things to it since then but this prompt has given me the kick that I needed to finally compete it. Everyone should have a bucket list, somethings to strive for.. 

1// Visit New York at Christmas. To me it seems like a magical place all year around but even more so at Christmas. Granted, I've only ever seen it in the movies but it's one place I've always wanted to visit. 

2// Write a book.. I've wanted to do this since I was about eight years old. I've started book after book and never believe in myself enough to finish one. In my head I have so many books waiting to be written. I don't even care if no one else ever reads it. I just need to write one. It's something that is on my mind daily. 

3// Visit Disneyland. The child in me is desperate to do this. I want to do it whilst my children are young enough to feel the magic. Already at only two years old Emilie loves Cinderella :)

4// Go on a hot air balloon ride. I know I would be terrified but I would love it at the same time. 

5// Have a technology free week.. (This idea scares me more than the hot air balloon!)

6// Spend a week on a canal boat. 

7// Ride a camal.. It looks like so much fun! Uncomfortable but fun. 

8// Go skiing. I've never even held a pair of ski's before but it's something I've always wanted to try. 

9// Start my own business.. I already know what I want to do, it's just going to take me about a year to get there.. 

10// Learn how to ballroom dance.. I kind of need Anthony to be on board for this one! 

Now I've gotten started I found it hard to stop at ten.. What's on your bucket list?


To Sixteen Year Old Me.

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To sixteen year old me..

Right now you think that you are so grown up and that you know it all. You've just finished school, gotten your first full time job, moved out of home and feel like you're on top of the world.. 

I'm here to tell you a few things.. 

Three weeks ago you turned thirty.. Yep I know it sounds so old to you right now and so far away. Believe me when I say that you will blink and miss the next fourteen years. When you get there though you will still feel like a teenager.. You don't know it all at sixteen and you still don't know it now. 

That man that you think is 'the one'.. He isn't. He is going to use you as a verbal and physical punch bag. It makes you a stronger person though. Remember that it's his faults that cause him to lash out, not yours. 

You will go through an anxiety ridden four years.. Don't worry. You come out the other side of it and realise that anxiety doesn't have to control your life. 

Don't let it get you down when you spend five years trying to get pregnant and loose five babies. You will watch most of your friends get pregnant and have their first (& sometimes second) babies and feel like each time your heart is breaking. You do end up with two beautiful children and realise that all that time waiting and the tears were worth it. They will be the best things that ever happened to you. 

Do not dye your hair black! It takes you three years & a lot of money to get back to blonde.. (I know you won't listen because right now you think you know it all..)

All those courses you want to do. The things that you want to learn? Do them now because you will regret that you didn't and you will end up feeling like time is against you when you do finally decide to do them.

You're going to go a long way in the next fourteen years. You will accomplish things that you never thought possible and you are going to realise how strong you really are. It's a roller coaster of a ride but it's going to be so worth it.

Love, A Thirty Year Old You..


Blog-Tember Challenge - Seasons..


Brave Love Blog

What's Your Favourite Season? 

For the past few years here in England it feels like we only have two seasons. It's either raining or it's sweltering hot. I have two favourite seasons though and it's kind of hard to pick between the two. I love Summer.. Who doesn't? It's easier to leave the house with the kids, no trying to find that one elusive glove, no trying to fix the rain cover onto the pram when you know that just a few days before it fit perfecty fine but seems to have shrank in just 48 hours.. The sun makes everyone happier. Days out and picnics.. Playing in the park or just chilling in the garden. Life seems to go at a slower pace and it's amazing.. 

On the other hand though... Autumn.. That wonderful time of the year when you can go outside without melting but you don't need to bundle up just yet.. The leaves are starting to turn and it seems like there is colour everywhere you look.. You can wear your boots again and the idea of layers is exciting. Halloween, bonfire night and christmas is just around the corner and all those feel good movies start appearing on the television.. 

I honestly don't think I could choose between those two seasons.. You can keep winter but I'll have Autumn & Summer :) 


Blog-Tember Challenge - What's In A Name?


Brave Love Blog

Today's prompt is all about our Blog name and where it came from. I remember writing about this a while ago but it's always nice to refresh things. My original name was "For Those Little Moments." Honestly though, I didn't put much thought into that name. I clicked over to blogger, set up an account and when it prompted me for a name, I wrote the first thing that came into my head. So professional, I know..

Fast forward to December 2013 and I had a new blog design made and I decided that with a fresh new look should come a fresh new name. I spent a lot of time throwing ideas around. I wanted something that represented my life during this season. As a stay at home Mum to young children my life literally revolves around them.. (and cooking, and potty training, and dishes, and laundry ;) ) Whilst I was sat in the garden one morning watching James play, "Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet" popped into my head. Immediately I loved it. I liked how it sounded together and how it flowed. I loved how it represented my life and still does. 

And there you go.. Not really a very exciting story of how this little space became Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet but I still love the name ;)


Blog-Tember Challenge - Your Style.


Brave Love Blog

Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?

Fashion is like my taste in music - It varies.. Sometimes I'm daring and want to try new things and other times I retreat back to my comfy jeans and boots. This year for the first time since I was a kid I wore short dungarees. I felt like a cross between a ten year old and Bob The Builder. 

I love the look of Maxi-dresses but they don't suit me. Many a time I have been stood in a changing room with one and hoping that this time it would look good but nope. They seem to cut me off in the middle and make me look really short. 

I tend to go for a smart/casual look.. A pair of skinny jeans, boots and a nice top. 

I don't tend to follow the 'fashion trends' - Firstly because I cannot afford to! Secondly because with two children, I just don't have the time. I wear what I think looks good on me and my body shape and things that I like and feel comfortable in. Gone are the days where I could wear five inch heels day after day.. Thanks pregnancy! 


Blog-Tember Challenge - Shuffle Your iPod :)


Brave Love Blog

Shuffle your iPod and share the first ten songs that play. 

I have a varied taste in music so I've been looking forward to this prompt. I have everything on my phone from Pink to Celine Dion to Elvis Presley. It's very rare that we don't have music playing in our house :)

Okay so here goes.. Shuffle!

1// Forget You - Cee-Lo Green

2// Loved Me Back To Life - Celine Dion

3// Way Down - Elvis Presley

4// Frosty The Snowman - Gene Autry
(Yes I have a Christmas Album on my phone! Don't worry, it only gets played in December) 

5// Hold Back The River - James Bay

6// Since U Been Gone - Pitch Perfect Album

7// Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift

8// You Are My Rock - Delta Goodrem 

9// High Hopes - Kodaline 

10// Blaze Of Glory - Bon Jovi

See.. I told you. A varied taste in music :) If you haven't watched the video for Kodaline's High Hopes before go and watch it now! 


Blog-Tember Challenge - What are you passionate about?


Brave Love Blog

What are you passionate about?

strong and barely controllable emotion.

My biggest passion is my children. They are both the best thing that has happened to me but I didn't want to write the cliche answer to this prompt. I think most Mum's would agree that their biggest passion is their children. 

I couldn't live without writing. It's a part of me. It's my escape. It's my way of processing things that happen within my life. I can't remember a time where I haven't had a book half written in my head. If I go too long without writing something, anything, then I get antsy. I feel like I have to sit down and get it out. 

As passionate as I am about writing, I always feel like I'm not good enough at it. It would be a dream come true to be able to call myself a 'writer'. To be able to sit down everyday and do what I love. I doubt myself though and when I do that I take a step back, feeling defeated. The thing about passion though is that it keeps bringing you back. No matter how many times I tell myself that I'm not 'good enough' or I 'do not have any talent' I always come back, sit down and write. I guess that's the uncontrollable emotions part of passion :)



Blog-Tember Challenge - A Mood Board.


Brave Love Blog

Today's prompt was to make a mood mood or collage to describe our blog.. I actually found this quite difficult because after nearly four years of blogging I still don't know where I fit into this old blogging community. I write about anything and everything. I share our lives and I record memories of my children that I want to remember. Mummy blogger? Lifestyle blogger? Who knows.. 

I want my blog to be a happy place. A place that represents me. A place where I can come to and it makes me feel happy. A place that makes other people feel happy. Somewhere I can write, I can share, I can inspire. Somewhere I show that you can be knocked to the ground but still get up and be a survivor. A place where being different isn't wrong. It's beautiful. We don't all have to be the same, write the same or live the same lives. Different is good, it should be celebrated. Nothing in life is perfect and that's good. If it's perfect, where do you go from there? I want to aspire to be better & to do better. 


Blog-Tember Challenge - The Perfect Day.


Brave Love Blog

Describe Your Ideal Day.. 

I'm a simple girl.. Little things make me happy. I've never been one that wants grand gestures or lots of material things. 

The perfect day for me would include.. 

The sun shining, a bright blue sky. A lazy morning drinking coffee with the kids playing and laughing. No time restraints. No to-do list in the back of my mind. A trip to the park. A picnic. A dance party in the kitchen. Pizza & Ice-cream.. An afternoon movie. Quilts & Blankets strewn across the sofa. A big bubble bath. Cuddles with the kids that smell of suncream. Holding hands. A game of twister. Giggles as children try to twist their limbs to find the yellow circle. Windows open. A breeze blowing through. Tucking tired but happy little ones into their beds. Reading a bed time story. Falling asleep with smiles on our faces. 

Whats would be your idea day? 


Day One - Blog-Tember Challenge.


Brave Love Blog

Introduce Yourself! 

Yay! Day one of the Blog-Tember Challenge. I'm excited to get this show on the road :) Today is all about introducing yourself. I'm never very good at these types of posts but I'll give it my best shot..

I'm Liane.
Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. 
Caffeine love. Chocolate addict. 
Tattoo lover. Avid reader. 

I love.. 
Sunshine. Laughter. Pink.
Reality shows. Celebrity magazines.
Writing. Blogging. Photography. 
Make-up & Music. 

I am.. 
Funny. Type A & far too serious. 
A survivor and not a victim. 
A believer. 
An optimist. 

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