I Was "That Mum.."

I was that Mum in the shop today. You know the one? One kid is whining because he really wants to go home, even though he's been moaning all week to go out, and you're going to be home in ten minutes anyway. The toddler is climbing out of her pram and just as you go to grab her she makes a run for it... You chase her up the aisle whilst shouting to your son to follow you and repeating for the tenth time that you're not buying him the sticker book that he so desperately needs..

Yep.. That was me. We finally got to the checkout and Emilie made a bee-line for the empty cashier chair next to our line. I coax her out of there for her to run off whilst I'm trying to pay for my items. I ask James to go and hold her hand, when she promptly falls to the fall in a tantrum.. (Did I mention how happy I was when two days ago she learnt to get out of her straps and climb out of the pram? - Please note sarcasm..) 

These past few days have been tough. Lots of rain has kept us cooped up in the house, meaning that the kids had lots of excess energy and I had a serious case of cabin fever developing. This morning I was determined that despite the rain we needed to get out of the house.. Which bring us to me being, "that Mum."

James goes back to school a week tomorrow and I want our last week of the Summer holidays to be better than the last few days. I need to remind myself that when the kids are acting out that they're not doing it to punish me. They're doing it because they're tired/bored/hungry/angry.. I need to remember that fun can be had even in the rain (hello puddle jumping..) I think the whole Happy Mum, Happy Kids is so true in cases like this. As I sat here earlier this evening I realised that my grumpiness this week is probably what my kids picked up on and they ran with it. If I change my mood then chances are they will change theirs.

Here's to the next week.. Hopefully sunnier and happier :)

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  1. Oh you....been there done this too - many, many times. Absolutely agree that our moods determine their moods....


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