July Goals.

I used to make monthly goals all the time and then somehow I got out of the habit of doing it but I want to start again. I like having little goals that can be accomplished in a small time frame. It makes me feel like I'm getting something done! 

1// Finish the two books that I have on the go.. Yep, that's how indecivive I am. I couldn't decide which one to read so I started them both. 

2// Organise and celebrate Emilie's second birthday. (Also, try not to dissolve into a complete mess at the idea of my baby turning two.)

3// Capture some photos at James' sports day.

4// Organise the kids bedroom. They is no organisation what so ever in their room. The downside to two sharing a tiny bedroom.. I have a feeling that storage will be the key here. 

5// Finish making our summer bucket list :)

July... Here goes... 

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