Five On Friday.

It's been a while since I've taken part in this link up but I love it so I thought, why not? :)

1// It was sports day at James' school this morning. It was lots of fun and I was a proud Mama but it was oh so hot! James ended up having to finish early because it was just too hot for him. He was a bit upset but sometimes I have to be the bad Mummy to keep him safe. I have no idea why the sun is a trigger for his epilepsy but it's just something we have to deal with which is hard during the warmer months of the year.

2// I purchased Emilie's first birthday present today. A little pram. She is going to love it! She loves taking care of her 'babies.' Yesterday she was feeding them and then lying them down for a nap, all the while talking away to them. It was the cutest. Off course as soon as I turned my phone onto video to try and record it she stopped straight away!

{Loving James' cool dude pose}

3// Am I the only person that didn't realise that Zara sold kids clothes? I think I was.. I recently found out (via a You Tube video of all places..) I may have been perusing their website all week looking at everything that I want to buy for James and Emilie...

4// James has just two and half weeks left before the Summer holidays! I'm looking forward to it so much. Especially because this year Emilie is a little older so hopefully we can do more :)

5// This week has been so hot that I haven't been to the gym at all.. Big fail.. Who wants to go and exercise when just opening your front door makes you break out into a sweat?

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a good weekend!

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