Tuesday Musings.

Some Tuesday musings..

1// We had a good weekend. It was mostly spent at home because Emilie had a fever that was relentless even with Calpol every four hours. I cooked a big roast dinner on Fathers Day though and it was nice just to have some down time.

2// I keep seeing tweets and blog posts about the Brit Mum's blogging conference, that I believe took place last weekend. It's making me want to go to one of these conferences! It looks like so much fun although I'm sure that my anxiety would kick off at the wrong time.. 

3// I haven't been the gym yet this week because of Emilie not feeling too great and already I am missing it, although I'm sure my muscles aren't complaining... Speaking of the gym, since I started going I've gained a stone in weight. This is great considering I was underweight before but it's hard seeing my body changing in so many ways.. 

4// Britain's largest family, The Radfords and on This Morning, and I'm kind of a little bit in awe.. How do they manage with all of those kids! I can barely manage with just two.. 

5// I'm making 'Hearty Pasta Soup' tonight for dinner. I've only made it once before but it was a massive hit, especially with Anthony. I believe he said it was the best soup he had ever tasted.. It's so easy and inexpensive to make. I posted the recipe here last time I made it. 

6// This boy is still not a fan of the camera.. I remember when he was younger and he use to beg me to take his photo.. Then he got older.. Once in a while though he indulges my Mamarazzi heart :)

Hope you're all having a good week so far! 

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