The Sunday Currently.

R E A D I N G  One Moment, One Morning by Sarah Rayner. It's one of those books that has you hooked right from the start. 

W R I T I N G  Blog posts mainly, trying to get back into the swing of things. 

L I S T E N I N G  The kids have some cartoons on at the moment whilst I write this. In my eyes Sunday mornings are for PJ's & Cartoons :)

T H I N K I N G  That I'm excited for the coming week. The weather is meant to be in the 30's! 

S M E L L I N G  My new shower gel from The Body Shop. I have the matching moisturiser and it smells A.MAZ.ING. 

W I S H I N G  That I had cleaned more of the house yesterday so I didn't have to do it today. 

H O P I N G  That Emilies antibiotics help her kick this urine infection. She is a lot better than she was but still not 100%.

W E A R I N G  We've woken up to rain so my boots have come out from their hiding place. 

L O V I N G  The photos that I took yesterday of my friends little girl. I've really developed a love for photography. 

W A N T I N G  The school year to hurry up and end. James is tired, cranky and in need of a break. 

N E E D I N G The new hair straighteners from GHD.. Anthony has said that there is a chance I may be getting them for my birthday in August!

F E E L I N G  Happy, motivated, blessed. 

C L I C K I N G  Through a lot of blogs. I like connecting with other bloggers and finding new ones to follow is always fun. 

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