Confession Wednesday.

... I may have eaten a Mars Ice Cream bar this afternoon, whilst hiding in the kitchen, just so I didn't have to share it with the kids.. 

... I may be a little bit nostalgic at the thought of Emilie turning two at the end of next month...

... I may have had about thirty seconds of broodiness related to the nostalgia. Then I realised that I like my sleep.. 

... I may have not been to the gym at all this week yet.. I'm going tomorrow so the weeks not a total failure..

... I may have been tempted to put raw egg on my hair the other day. I've been researching about how to keep your hair heathy whilst trying to grow it. I quickly changed my mind once I read that if you wash the egg out with water that is too warm, then you end up with scrambled egg in you hair.. Yeah, no thanks. 

... I may be really tempted to by the new platinum GHD hair straighteners.. 

Any confessions on this Wednesday evening? :) 

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