A Different Childhood.

Anthony and I were talking the other night about how different our children's childhoods will be from our own. I spent most of my younger years living in Somerset and literally played in cornfields. We lived in a little cul-de-sac and most of my class lived on the same street. I have many happy memories of knocking on their doors on a Saturday morning, running back home for lunch and then back outside again until we were called in for dinner.

There was an outdoor swimming pool which opened during the Summer and it's where everyone in the town spent their summer holidays. The Mum's would lay out blankets and spend the day working on their tans whilst we would spend all day in the water. We would leave at the end of the day dirty and tired but happy. 

Over the past few months James has been allowed to play outside the front on the house. He is allowed two doors down and two doors up. He keeps asking to be allowed a little bit further down, to be able to play with more of his friends. I have to say no though. Not because I don't trust him. He's actually very road savvy and I know that he wouldn't cross the street or go any further. It's other people that I don't trust. I don't know any parent now that would let their kids go off in the morning and not come back until dinner time but when I was little, that's what happened. We didn't have a mobile phone with us so we could keep in constant contact with our Mum's. We didn't have Facebook or Whatsapp to be able to talk to our friends. If we wanted to talk to them then we had to go out and see them face to face. 

It makes me sad that my kids will never know the freedom that we had. Everything is so scary now. Maybe it's because we have the internet so all that scary stuff is easier to find out. The stories that are constantly in the news about another child being abducted or another assault scares me. How are we ever meant to let our children out of the house!? 

I want James and Emilie to have memories of summers spent outside, playing with friends, picnics, days in the park. I want them to be dirty and tired after a long day but happy. I want them to be kids...

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