A Change Of Attitude.

Yesterday afternoon, I ended up in A&E with Emilie. She hasn't been right for a week, high fevers, crankiness and several other symptoms had me pretty sure that she was suffering from a urine infection. Her GP wouldn't do anything without a urine sample, which I tried for four days to get but she wasn't giving up the goods. When she started vomiting yesterday I bundled her up and off we went to hospital.

As we sat in the waiting room, with her lying on my chest, her body burning up and the hours ticked on by, I found myself getting more and more impatient. It was past her bedtime and she was exhausted. I kept thinking about the knock on effect this would have on her in the morning. 

Then a man came running in.. He shouted that he needed help and that a man was having a seizure in the car. A Nurses went running out and a while later they wheeled the man in, whilst his Mum walked beside him. This man had brain cancer and this was the second seizure he'd suffered from since being diagnosed. Right in front of me I watched this mother take care of her grown son. I watched her hold his hand and explain that everything was going to be okay. I could see the pain and desperation etched onto her face. 

And as I sat and watched this all unfolded in front of me.. I felt ashamed. 

Just moments before I had been moaning to myself about how Emilie being three hours late for bed was going to make her over tired the next morning. How she would be more difficult to handle. I was sat there worrying that they were taking so long whilst her little body was burning up on top of mine. 

After I watched this Mum with her grown son my perspective changed.. Yes my baby girl was unwell but it wasn't life threatening. Who cares if she would throw tantrums all morning from being tired? At least we would be going home that night. I would give her some medicine and tuck her into bed and know that the antibiotics would start doing their job whilst she slept. 

They took the man back into a cubicle and I watched his Mum follow him. Part of me wanted to go and give her a hug and part of me wanted to say thank you for changing my attitude on that Thursday night. It's so easy to just see your own problems and think that everyone else has it all sorted and you're the only one with struggles. When in fact everyone is dealing with something. 

Sometimes our perspective just needs shifting. 

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  1. Ooh, those pyjamas look so comfy! Hoping she's better....I always take these little moments as Him Upstairs giving me the opportunity to benefit from a change of perspective.


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