What's In A Blog Name?

I found an article listing 30 days worth of writing prompts. Most of them didn't appeal to me but I liked this one. I'm always intrigued to know how people decided on the name of their blogs. I love the creativity behind some of them.

Those of you that have been with me since the beginning know that my little bit of the internet here use to be 'For Those Little Moments.' Truth be told, I didn't put much thought into that name. I wanted to start blogging and went with the first thing that came into my head.. Professional, yes? :)

In December 2013, whilst I was in a 'blogging rut' after having Emilie I decided that a change of blog design might help and with that I also decided to change the name. I had a few ideas and then Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet just came to me and instantly I knew that was the one. As cliche as it sounds, right now my life does revolve around my children. I write about family life, parenting & all the difficult, crazy, happy things in-between. Plus James & Emilie constantly have dirty feet from the garden and Emilie is a teething-rosy-cheeked toddler so it kind of fits!

I've been thinking lately about changing the design of my blog.. But I know for sure that I won't be changing the name again. It suits me and what I want my blog to be. It fits.

I'd love to hear how you all decided on the names for your blogs!

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  1. I chose mine while my husband was at the Royal Military College here in Canada - he was in "Otter Squadron" so that's how Ramblings of an Otter Wifey came to be, but now he's been out of there for 2 years and I think I need a change in name lol. I have a few that I'm thinking of but I just can't commit to any of them yet lol.


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