Weekend Round Up

Yesterday was a bank holiday. A long weekend is always good but now my days are mixed up and I've spent most of the morning thinking that it's Monday, rather than Tuesday.

We had a good weekend though. Anthony had to work on Saturday morning but apart from that he was off and at home. We were meant to be going to the Cavalcade on Sunday but it was raining and so miserable outside so Anthony ended up taking James whilst Emilie and I stayed at home. Apart from going to get some food I haven't left the house all weekend. It's needed sometimes.

Thankfully the weather was better yesterday so we were able to get out in the garden. We dug some of James' old garden toys out of the shed which made a certain 21 month old really happy.

I love it when our trees start to flower! 

Both James and Emilie adore being outside. If they could be out there from sunrise to sunset then they would. I love spring and summer for this very reason. Winter feels like such a long time when you spend your days inside escaping the cold. 

And now today we are getting back to normal. Work, school & cleaning.. I cleaned the toy cupboard out this morning (with Emilie's assistance!) and dug out my desk that has been hidden in the back for months. It's now set up in the living room so my MacBook has a home rather than the kitchen table. I figured that even Mummy's need a little space that is just their own :)


  1. Oh, so good to hear you're carving a dedicated space for your laptop!!! And, yep, weekends in the house are definitely needed sometimes!!


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