Weekend Happenings.

I like to read blogs that have photos. I think it adds something to their story. At the same time I like to write posts that contain photos. I love the art of weaving words and photos together. A while ago my camera started playing up. I couldn't blame it, it was seven years old and had seen my sister through her photography course at college and I'd had it since 2012 and used it pretty much everyday. So for a while now, I've been camera-less.. Until yesterday, thanks to my upcoming 30th birthday, Anthony let me have my present early.. A new Nikon camera. I've been playing with it since it arrived and I am one happy camper..

It's been a good weekend. We haven't left the house but a lot has been accomplished. Gardening, laundry, cleaning, playing in the garden, tired kids, visits from family, making memories.

Emilie had her first ballet class last Thursday. She loved it! Her leotard and ballet shoes arrived yesterday and she was more than willing to try them on. She looked adorable :)

And now it's Sunday evening. I love the feeling that comes with accomplishing more than you thought was possible. Late this afternoon, I sat in the garden watching the kids play on the (freshly mowed!) grass and I felt..  Happy. Lucky. Blessed. 

Monday? Bring it.. 

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