Vlogs.. Over the past few weeks I've watched so many on You Tube. They fascinate me. I admire the people behind them. To have the confidence to sit there and talk about anything and everything, daily life, make-up, fashion, kids.. You name it and there is a vlog about it. I just don't have that type of confidence about me. Maybe thats why I like blogging so much. I get to do what I love, write and connect with other people, but I don't have to put myself out there too much. I couldn't imagine making a video where it's available for millions of people to watch.. I don't even like leaving answer machine messages on someones phone!

Watching these videos though has made me want to make more videos of James & Emilie. Not to share on the big wide web but for memories sake. I take loads of photos. My last check informed me that I had 13,000 photos on my computer since James was born.. (Oops!) I don't make many videos though and I want to change that. Photos are great but it's one second in time. A video has so much more to it. Lucky for me my new camera has a video function so I'm all set to go :)

We're coming to the end of the half term week and it's been lovely. We've spent days in the garden, when the weather has permitted. Met up with family, had lazy mornings and movies days. We've taken walks and played in the park. James goes back to school on Monday for seven weeks and then he's off for the summer and I cannot wait! A whole six weeks of fun (& maybe a little stress..)

What's on your Summer bucket list? I'm working on ours tonight and I have so many ideas. Hurry up Summer!

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  1. Oh, that photo of them hand in hand is just darling! (I was just thinking yesterday that I need to take more videos of mine....it's silly that I don't when it's the same camera, just requires a flick of the switch....*sigh* can't wait to get my iPhone....only about one more month to wait! Yay!)


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