Nap Time.

I love nap time. Doesn't every parent? During the week when James is at school and 12.30pm rolls around I get a whole precious one and half-sometimes two hours to clean, drink a (hot!) cup of tea, blog, or sometimes just sit and put my feet up.. I love it though when she's had enough rest and she wakes up, her hair a birds nest at the back, her eyes still all sleepy. I walk into her bedroom and she sits straight up. I always say, "Did you have a good nap?"

She nods her head, grabs her dummy and cloth and puts her hands up. As soon as we walk downstairs, the first words out of her mouth are.. "Snack?" There she sits, whist she wakes up properly, with her juice and a snack, quite happy to spend fifteen minutes snuggling with me.

I was lucky with James and he napped until he was nearly three years old.. Somehow I don't think I'm going to be that lucky with my little lady. So, today, before that day comes I wanted to document her post-nap sweetness.

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