I Wish I....

.. I knew how people with more than two kids manage it all. When I think of having three children my thoughts automatically turn to 'outnumbered..'

.. I didn't get overwhelmed quite so easily..

.. Was more crafty..

.. I had the confidence to start the business that I desperately want to start..

.. I didn't care quite so much about what people think of me..

.. I lived somewhere hot..

.. I wasn't as addicted to chocolate and energy drinks as I am..

.. I was more adventurous..

.. I wish I hadn't have left college..

.. I didn't worry about the little things..

.. I hadn't painted my kitchen red a few years ago.. It's going to take a lot of white paint when I finally get around to re-decorating it..

.. I had more 'Mummy' friends..

.. I wasn't a Type A personality..

.. I hadn't have had my third tattoo when I was 18 years old.. It's never a good idea to get a tattoo as a dare..

.. I had naturally straight hair.. You have no idea how many hours I spend a week straightening my curls!..

.. It was easier to find a balance between being a Mum, my to-do list and being Liane :) ..

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