Emilie - Twenty Two Months.

Twenty-Two months! It doesn't seem possible that Miss Emilie is two in just two months. You know the poem about the little girl with the curl? Well that's Emilie down to a T. When she is in a good mood then she is the most fantastic person ever. She has such a cheeky little laugh but when she isn't happy, she lets everyone know about it and very quickly!

She is a girly-girl and already loves shoes and knows exactly what she wants to wear. She has started ballet lessons and loves her leotard and tutu. This Mummy isn't complaining :)

Her talking is amazing. She is putting three words together and can mostly tell me what she wants or if something is wrong with her. It makes life just that little bit easier, except at 6am when she is shouting over the monitor that she is 'Hungay Mummy! Hungay' (Hungry) 

She still dotes on James. He is her best friend and can pull her out of any bad mood. The sibling fighting has begun but to see the bond that they already have is so worth those little squabbles. 

Happy twenty-two months Boo Boo! 

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  1. Lovely post! Made me remember my two at nearly two (sigh)....!


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