A Princess!

Yesterday England welcomed a new Princess! I woke up and saw on the news that the Duchess of Cambridge had been admitted to hospital in labour and from then I was glued to Sky News. I was the same way when Prince George was born nearly two years ago. I'm a big fan of William & Kate incase you hadn't noticed!

Yesterday though, I kind of felt a little bit sorry for Kate..

It was announced around 11am that the baby had arrived and within minutes everyone was asking, 'Will they leave today?' 'Will we get to see the baby!".. Within ten hours of the princess arriving, the Duchess was stood on the steps of the hospital, dressed (and in heels!) with her hair and make up perfect. She looked amazing and not like she had just gone through one of the most painful things a woman can go through. I'm sure though that she would rather have been in her PJ's with her hair in a ponytail snuggling with her new daughter.

I guess with Prince George it didn't seem as bad because she didn't appear on those famous steps for 24 hours after his birth, this time though it was so quick and I just felt for her. I know that the last thing I would have wanted to do after my two arrived was face the world's media..

I hope that she went straight home, threw on her comfy clothes, wiped all her make-up off and chilled out on the sofa with a take-away and her new baby!

Also.. how cute is Prince George.. He was waving to the cameras like a pro :)

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