Zoo Day!

Once every term at James' school they have a morning that is dedicated to their 'theme' for that term. The parents are invited in, the kids dress up, we get to see all their work and take part in some activities with them. I always love getting to spend a morning with James in his own territory and he loves getting to share his work with me and Emilie.

This morning it was Zoo Day, their theme this term was Paws, Claws & Whiskers.. So James decided to dress up as a lion.

He isn't the biggest fan of dressing up because of his sensory issues but I persuaded him to wear the outfit to school and I left a bag of clothes with his teacher for him to get changed into. 

Emilie loves going into school with James but she is into everything! I'm trying to sit with James and she's running here there and everywhere.. It's exhausting!

Making handprints with Nanny :) 

A fun morning!... And now I have to go and collect a certain lion from school... 


  1. Such a wonderful idea for the school to do that - so parents can have more of an interactive part regularly. Such cute photos and looks like it was a fun day! ;)

  2. Great idea!!!! Love that Emilie could get involved too!!!!!!


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