Advice I Received As A New Mum..... & Didn't Listen To...

I was given so much advice when I first became a parent and honestly? Most of it I didn't take much notice of, thinking that I would find my own way in the crazy roller coaster ride that is parenthood. Here's four pieces of advice that I wish I had listened to though..

1// Sleep when baby sleeps.. 

I didn't listen when I had James and by the time Emilie came along I had a four year old who had given up on taking naps. I found myself using nap times, to clean, cook, surf the internet and spend a few precious minutes without someone calling 'Mummy' over and over again.

2// Let baby find a routine..

Although I love the fact that Emilie is in a routine and come 12.30pm she is bringing me her sleeping bag because she knows its nap time which, don't get me wrong, is fantastic. On the flip side though, I can't really be spontaneous with our days. I know that as she gets older it will get easier and eventually she won't need naps and then I can be as spontaneous as I want. Occasionally I do find myself wishing that I hadn't spent most of her first year trying to stick so rigidly to a routine. Looking back it caused a lot of stress when they days didn't go exactly as planned.

3// Enjoy those early morning sunrises..

I am not a morning person. I don't like to talk and need at least one cup of something with caffeine in it before I can be considered human. My children were and still are early risers. Our days start before 6am and in Emilie's first year were often earlier. At the time I wasn't happy about this and would moan to anyone and everyone about how 'early' I had been woken up. I wish I had taken the time to enjoy those early morning snuggles where it was just me and my baby awake instead of wishing for more sleep. The good thing is that seen as they both still like to be up with the birds I can start enjoying them now :)

4// Slow down.. It goes by too quicky..

When people would tell me that it would fly by in the blink of an eye I can remember thinking 'how quick can it really go? A year is a long time.' How wrong was I! Sometimes I still can't quite believe that James is six years old and nearing the end of his second year in school. It's so easy to get worked up with the stresses of day to day life and before you know it another week has passed. I'm trying really hard to slow down and appreciate those little moments. I don't want to worry about how the house looks or if the laundry is all caught up. I'd rather be playing and laughing with my family.

If I could give one piece of advice to a new Mum it would be number four.. Without a doubt..

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  1. Definitely number four for me, too......my little one is going to be 9 - 9??????!!!!! - in a few weeks....when, honestly when?!, did that happen??????????? He'll be a teenager before I know it.....my goodness......it makes me cry just thinking of it....


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