A New Motivation.

I have come to love the gym.. Me, the girl who got her Mum to write a note excusing me from every PE lesson at school. I know, I'm as shocked as everyone else.. I love the changes that I am already noticing in my body, after only three weeks. I love the ache that I have in the morning after a good gym session the day before. 

I'm still intimidated as I walk in and see all these really fit people who look like they know exactly what they're doing, whilst I'm still trying to figure out what all the machines do.. It's good though because it is pushing my self imposed boundaries, pushing me out of my comfort zone. It's what I need. 

I even have weights at home now so on days where a visit to the gym isn't possible, I just work out at home. Apparently it takes six weeks for a new thing to become ingrained in you, for it to become a normal part of your routine. I can see why. Somedays I have to push myself to find that motivation, somedays I succeed and other days I don't.. The days where I do find that motivation though I feel fantastic, on those days my diet and mood are both fantastic. There is a lot to be said for exercise helping to lift your mood.. That coupled with the gorgeous sunshine we've had lately has got to be a recipe for success, right? 

Do you work out? I'd love to hear about your routine if you do! 

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