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Five Guilty Pleasures.

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Guilty pleasures. We all have them, even though we might not admit them all :) I thought it might be fun to share some of mine with you. Don't judge me for them! 

1// Zoella.. She is a vlogger over on You Tube and I'm pretty sure that her videos are not aimed towards nearly-thirty year old women but every time she uploads a new one I have to watch it and I pretty much always enjoy them. 

2// Teen Mom - Both the original and Teen Mom 2. I have no idea why. I started watching 16 & Pregnant and then progressed to Teen Mom. I will not tell you how happy I was when they announced that the original girls were coming back. It hasn't started here in England and the anticipation might be starting to get to me slightly.. 

3// Motown - I know.. I'm in my twenties, not sixties.. I can't help it though, but if a bit of Marvin Gaye or Diana Ross starts playing then you will find me dancing.. 

4// Tutu's & Hair Bows - Not for me, obviously. Does it still count as a guilty pleasure if I'm buying them for Emilie? Most nights I'm scrolling through Etsy, eyeing up all the gorgeous girl clothes.

5// Hallmark movies.. If it's a tear-jerker then I'm watching it. When I was pregnant with James and living in London, they played a movie everyday at 3pm.. Everyone who knew me at the time knew not to knock on my door between 3-5pm, because I'd be curled up on the sofa with my chocolate and tissues.. If I wasn't so busy now with two kids then I'd still be doing that! I still love it when I catch the odd film though :) 

What are your guilty pleasures?


A New Motivation.

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I have come to love the gym.. Me, the girl who got her Mum to write a note excusing me from every PE lesson at school. I know, I'm as shocked as everyone else.. I love the changes that I am already noticing in my body, after only three weeks. I love the ache that I have in the morning after a good gym session the day before. 

I'm still intimidated as I walk in and see all these really fit people who look like they know exactly what they're doing, whilst I'm still trying to figure out what all the machines do.. It's good though because it is pushing my self imposed boundaries, pushing me out of my comfort zone. It's what I need. 

I even have weights at home now so on days where a visit to the gym isn't possible, I just work out at home. Apparently it takes six weeks for a new thing to become ingrained in you, for it to become a normal part of your routine. I can see why. Somedays I have to push myself to find that motivation, somedays I succeed and other days I don't.. The days where I do find that motivation though I feel fantastic, on those days my diet and mood are both fantastic. There is a lot to be said for exercise helping to lift your mood.. That coupled with the gorgeous sunshine we've had lately has got to be a recipe for success, right? 

Do you work out? I'd love to hear about your routine if you do! 


Zoo Day!

Once every term at James' school they have a morning that is dedicated to their 'theme' for that term. The parents are invited in, the kids dress up, we get to see all their work and take part in some activities with them. I always love getting to spend a morning with James in his own territory and he loves getting to share his work with me and Emilie.

This morning it was Zoo Day, their theme this term was Paws, Claws & Whiskers.. So James decided to dress up as a lion.

He isn't the biggest fan of dressing up because of his sensory issues but I persuaded him to wear the outfit to school and I left a bag of clothes with his teacher for him to get changed into. 

Emilie loves going into school with James but she is into everything! I'm trying to sit with James and she's running here there and everywhere.. It's exhausting!

Making handprints with Nanny :) 

A fun morning!... And now I have to go and collect a certain lion from school... 


Advice I Received As A New Mum..... & Didn't Listen To...

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I was given so much advice when I first became a parent and honestly? Most of it I didn't take much notice of, thinking that I would find my own way in the crazy roller coaster ride that is parenthood. Here's four pieces of advice that I wish I had listened to though..

1// Sleep when baby sleeps.. 

I didn't listen when I had James and by the time Emilie came along I had a four year old who had given up on taking naps. I found myself using nap times, to clean, cook, surf the internet and spend a few precious minutes without someone calling 'Mummy' over and over again.

2// Let baby find a routine..

Although I love the fact that Emilie is in a routine and come 12.30pm she is bringing me her sleeping bag because she knows its nap time which, don't get me wrong, is fantastic. On the flip side though, I can't really be spontaneous with our days. I know that as she gets older it will get easier and eventually she won't need naps and then I can be as spontaneous as I want. Occasionally I do find myself wishing that I hadn't spent most of her first year trying to stick so rigidly to a routine. Looking back it caused a lot of stress when they days didn't go exactly as planned.

3// Enjoy those early morning sunrises..

I am not a morning person. I don't like to talk and need at least one cup of something with caffeine in it before I can be considered human. My children were and still are early risers. Our days start before 6am and in Emilie's first year were often earlier. At the time I wasn't happy about this and would moan to anyone and everyone about how 'early' I had been woken up. I wish I had taken the time to enjoy those early morning snuggles where it was just me and my baby awake instead of wishing for more sleep. The good thing is that seen as they both still like to be up with the birds I can start enjoying them now :)

4// Slow down.. It goes by too quicky..

When people would tell me that it would fly by in the blink of an eye I can remember thinking 'how quick can it really go? A year is a long time.' How wrong was I! Sometimes I still can't quite believe that James is six years old and nearing the end of his second year in school. It's so easy to get worked up with the stresses of day to day life and before you know it another week has passed. I'm trying really hard to slow down and appreciate those little moments. I don't want to worry about how the house looks or if the laundry is all caught up. I'd rather be playing and laughing with my family.

If I could give one piece of advice to a new Mum it would be number four.. Without a doubt..


Spring Days.

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My MacBook charger broke two weeks ago. We tried changing the fuse, using different sockets, I spent ages wiggling the wire, whilst googling "MacBook charger won't work." Eventually I admitted defeat and resigned myself to the fact that I would, at some point, have to purchase a new one. This afternoon though I found some more fuses and on a whim I decided to have another go at changing it. Lo and behold it worked! I'm happy to have my MacBook back and even happier that I didn't spend money on a new charger. Win-win.

The Easter holidays are nearly over and on Tuesday James heads back to school for his last term before the Summer holidays. We've had a fun two weeks. The weather wasn't great to begin with but this past week it has been beautiful so we've had some exciting days out.

Our mornings have started slowly and by the end of the day both kids have had muddy feet and smell of suncream. James made some new friends that live on our street and we now have groups of children randomly standing at our gate waiting for him to come out and play. Emilie shouts 'front' wanting to be taken out into the front garden. 

Over the past two weeks Emilie has gone from baby to a fully fledged toddler. She throws tantrums like you wouldn't believe, she looks after her dolly like it's her baby. She understands everything that you say to her and has little conversations with you, stringing two words together. She is feisty and determined. Those are good traits to have. 

...And though she be but little.. She is fierce...  

I love this time of year. The weather is changing, the days are getting longer. It's so much easier to get out of bed in the morning when it's already light and the birds are chirping away. Everyone seems so much happier and you can literally smell Summer around the corner. What's not to love?

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