How can it have been over a month since I have sat down to write? Time just seems to get away from me. Hours turn into days, days turn into weeks and then weeks turn into months. It's felt that way since having kids!

I'm guessing that a bullet form catch up is the best way to go..

1// I forget how much better I feel when I actually make the time to go to the gym. It motivates me and I feel generally happier. I started going again last week and I'm mixing up working out at the gym with some home routines and so far so good.. Although my poor muscles may tell a different story.

2// Emilie is talking up a storm! In the past week words are just exploding from her. She also repeating everything that is said to her.. Meaning that we really have to watch what we say around her!

3// I cannot tell you how excited I am for the clocks to go forward! We've had a few sporadic days of amazing sunshine and the effect it has on my mood is crazy. Also it's so much easier to wake up with a little in the mornings when it's already light outside.

4// My new tattoo. My mothers day present :)

It was the most painful one out of all of my tattoo's and the only one that made me want to cry but it was totally worth it.

5// My babies are growing up far too fast for my liking..

James turned six last month and in four months Emilie will be two.. That blows my mind...

6// Tomorrow is epilepsy awareness day, I will be wearing purple to show my support for James and all those other suffers out there :)

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  1. Good to see you back! Brave you; that's one BIG tattoo!!!


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