Catch Up!

It's been nearly a month since I've sat down here to write.. It was an intentional hiatus.. I've always been the type of person that if I can't commit to something 100% then I give up and decide not to do anything instead. Not my best personality trait but there it is.. So I didn't have time to commit 100% to my blog so instead I decided to just not write anything.. The only problem with that though is that I need to write. So here I am. My month long break over and I feel ready to throw myself back into my little space..

What's been going on around these parts?

James lost his first tooth! How in the world is he old enough for that to happen? It was wobbly for a few weeks and then one day, out it fell, just as he was about to drink a big glass of milk so I'm quite grateful that he didn't swallow it! He now has his new tooth poking through and another wobbly one. 

I have finally quit smoking! Yay! I'm on eighteen days and counting. I have my little vaporiser and although I've had tough moments, overall it's been a lot easier than I was imagining. 

I've started juicing fruit and vegetables, mainly to try and get some more nutrients into me, but also for the health benefits. I plan to do a whole post on this so I won't say too much but if you're on the fence about juicing then try a melon, apple, pineapple & strawberry juice for breakfast ;) You won't be sorry! 

{A new haircut.. I'm seeing a theme appearing.. 
This month has been a month of self improvement..} 

And that's about it.. My first post-hiatus update... It's good to be back :) 


  1. Love your new haircut....well done you for stopping smoking! [Your littles look BIGGER!]

  2. Well done on the not smoking! Brilliant achievement.
    Love that you make juices so am looking forward seeing that post....I love a good smoothie or juice.
    Hair looks great!

    And glad to see you back writing. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. I feel the same way about taking breaks from things like blogging. If my heart's not in it I'm not going to force myself to write. Usually once I take a little time I feel so refreshed and can't wait to write my thoughts out.

    Your hair looks beautiful and wow, losing a tooth is a BIG milestone! Have a great weekend!


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