Winter Must Haves!

"Winter items you cannot live without" was todays prompt for the Blogmas 2014 challenge. It's quite fitting because today the temperatures plummeted and the wind picked up. It's brutal outside this evening.

One// Hot Chocolate

What is not to love about this drink. It's perfect for those cold rainy afternoons!

Two// My slow cooker. 

It's a staple in my house during the winter. I love just being able to throw everything in and then leaving it until dinner time. Plus I get the gorgeous smells around my home all day too. I could not live without this kitchen appliance :)

Three// Snuggie blanket. 


I want to meet whoever came up with the idea for this blanket and buy them a hot chocolate. I hate being cold and this blanket is perfect! 

Four// Slippers!

I brought these slippers last week and I now live in them. No more cold feet for me! I'm miserable when I'm cold and I'm always one of those people that if my feet are cold then so is the rest of me. Plus they're Christmas themed so they get bonus points!


  1. Oh yum! Hot chocolate! Love your slippers! Did you find some slow cooker recipes? We always used to laugh at the Snuggie blankets, me and my brother....and then when I saw him last year...he has two in his house - one for him and one for his partner!!!!!!! He did get ribbed a bit about it (then I stopped laughing when I tried his one night - how delicious! So snug and warm!!!)

  2. I am in my sixth Christmas in South Texas. We are at a lovely 62 degrees and sunny. Christmas decorations look strangely out of place. I miss my home state of Ohio.

    I miss real fireplaces, crunch leaves, the peaceful snowfall, and something warm in the oven.

    I am trying to get use to mermaid Christmas decorations and the Santa sleigh with the seahorses pulling it at our community center. I never pictured a beach theme Christmas. LOL

    God Bless and have a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  3. Great list, slowcookers rock lol. I secretly covet a snuggie/slanket.

  4. Yes yes yes and yes. I love everything on your list. I have a snuggie that my husband got me about 3 years ago and I LOVE it, so comfy.

  5. I love & definitely relate with everything on your list, but I've never had a snuggie! Lol I really love that was on your list & good to know its a well loved product.


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