Preparing For Christmas - A Day In The Life.

Today's prompt for Blogmas 2014 is to share a day in our life as we prepare for the big day.

Because of my Type A personality, I have to have things organised well in advance. Even if I can't sort everything beforehand, I have to know what I'm going to be doing. I make lists, lots of lists. Lists for food, jobs that I have do, presents that I've brought, things that need to be done on Christmas Eve.. You name it and I probably have a list for it!

I have the meat for the Thursday already in my freezer and tomorrow the rest of the food is being delivered. The presents are all wrapped apart from the children's PJ's which I am going to do tonight, ready for them on Wednesday night. Also on Wednesday afternoon I will prepare all of the potatoes and vegetables for Thursday. We're off to spend Boxing Day with my family so all the clothes for that will be sorting on Christmas Eve also. I hate being in a rush on the day so if it's all done then there is less for me to worry about!

It doesn't help that Emilie is still poorly and not doing well at all. She is spending most of her days screaming and sending my nerves sky rocketing. I am keeping everything crossed that she is doing better by Thursday.. 

Can you believe that the big day is almost here?! I can't! 

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  1. Oh, am in awe of how prepared you are! (I *do* have all the presents now, though!)......hoping Emilie is indeed feeling better for Christmas xxxx


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