Not So Much... A Winter Wonderland.

A Winter Wonderland
Show us Photos of where you live..

To me a winter wonderland means snow.. We haven't had any snow since the beginning of 2013. All we have right now is grey skies, wind and rain.. 

Evidence A - I took this photo this morning after dropping James off at school.. 

In the spirit of Blogmas though.. Here are some photos from our town.. 

I cannot wait to see some of the real 'Winter Wonderlands' out there! 


  1. Oh, that's a very grey British Winter's Day! [It looks like a lovely town where you live!]

  2. Oh I love it, such a beautiful town :)

  3. The town looks good! Hopefully we'll get snow soon!

  4. What a beautiful town!!!!!!! Even without snow! :)

  5. So pretty! The charm and history of those buildings!! I just want to stroll right through there. Beautiful even minus the snow.

  6. I know right, couldn't people share thier snow ... new york had too much, they should have given us some i think thats only fair lol

  7. Very beautiful! I love all of the beautiful, old buildings. I am sure it triples in beauty with a snowfall.


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