Day Six - When Do You Open Presents?

Day Six - When do you open presents?

Growing up, I was so envious of my friends who got to run downstairs on Christmas morning and tear straight into their presents. In our house we all had to get up and before we got to open presents we all had to be dressed and had eaten breakfast. {One year we had to wait until after dinner - that was torture!} After everyone was ready we would all sit around the tree and my Mum would pass the presents out one by one. That way we all got to see what each other had received. 

Now I'm older I understand why we had to wait. Firstly, it makes it last longer. If we had torn into them as soon as we had gotten downstairs then by 7.30am it would have all been over and secondly, looking back it was nice to watch my sisters open their gifts, to see the looks on their faces. 

Now that I have my own kids I do the same thing. {I don't think I'll ever make them wait until after dinner though!} I like them to eat breakfast first. I don't really want a melt down by 8am because of low blood sugar and also Anthony & I are not awake before we've had at least one cup of caffeine each. 

I love the process of all sitting around the tree whilst I pass the presents out one by one. Last year Emilie needed hers opening for her but I think this year after a gift or two then she'll be opening them like a pro. Sometimes James wants to stop after a certain present so he can open it and maybe put it together, other times he wants to open them faster than I can hand them to him!

How about you? Am I the only ones that make my kids wait slightly before receiving their gifts?!


  1. I love sitting around the tree too and opening the presents. Thank you for sharing your family tradition :)

  2. I love opening gifts one at a time so we can see what everyone has received!! Love reading how others traditions are so similar, yet different!

  3. I like opening a few throughout the day, makes Christmas day feel that extra bit longer :)
    Charl Jimenez

  4. I have always done that with my son, open a present and look at it before opening another one because so many kids just rip into everything and don't take the time to look at them. Plus this is when I try and snap alot of photos of my son


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