Day Five - Favourite Christmas Food.

Since James came along we've always spent Christmas Day at home so this will be my sixth year cooking Christmas dinner and it's my favourite meal to make out of the whole year. I cook the Gammon joint the night before and peel all the potatoes and prepare the vegetables so that in the morning a lot of it is ready to go. I start cooking the Turkey early so that I can slow cook it. I think it's tastier that way :)

I love the hustle and bustle that comes with cooking the Christmas dinner. My kitchen looks into the living room so I can watch the kids playing. I always get requests from James to help and most of the time I do. He likes to help stir :) I love that we get to extend our kitchen table so that it fills the kitchen and looks all festive with the crackers and table mats. (I do not like the cleaning up afterwards!) I like lingering at the table after dinner with coffee whilst James runs off to play and no doubt Emilie this year will be wearing most of her dinner.

And off course. No Christmas would be complete with out....

Am I right? I may have purchased two tins this morning...


  1. Oh, I'd somehow managed to forget about Quality Street and Roses and now I can't stop thinking about them :( Love your post: made me feel even more Christmass-y xxxx

  2. I agree with you that Christmas dinner is the most fun to prepare of the whole year! I've never heard about the Roses, but love Cadbury so will go check that out.

  3. Had to pop back by here and tell you that I found both tins on Amazon and have ordered them. I just visiting blogs from all over and learning about fun new things. Thank you!

  4. Aaahhhhhhh I haven't had Nestle Quality Street sweeties in 16 years. So yummy! Love all your menu :) I think I'm going to follow Tamy and go by Amazon to order some of the sweeties lol


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