I'm coming out of hiding.. The Christmas tree has been taken down, new toys have found their new home and I've eaten my body weight in chocolate. The temperature took a dip right as Christmas hit and this morning we walked to the shops in -4 degree weather. I love christmas, like a four year old does, but I also love the New Year. I love the fresh start that it offers and the chance to change things, to make things better..

A little re-cap of our Christmas week before I leave it too late and we're into 2015..

{New Pj's on Christmas Eve}

{He wrote his letter to Santa and offered him to take a rest in his chair.. "If you think you will fit.."}

And these two? They made it all worth while.. The stress, the planning, the preparations. To see them so happy and believing in all the magic. It was amazing..

2015.. Lets see what you've got! 

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  1. Hia....just online for a little while and saw you'd posted so I'm waving at you madly....so so glad you had a lovely Christmas!!!!!!


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