Christmas Tree & A Giveaway!

I failed at Blogmas 2014 over the weekend. Last week & the past two days have been so busy and this week doesn't show any signs of things slowing down! It's James' last week at school so we have Christmas meals and a visit from Santa.

Today's prompt is to show off our Christmas decorations! I'm combining today and tomorrow because in England we only really do Christmas trees. I follow a lot of people in America and I am in awe at how their whole house gets decorated. I want to do that!

Two weeks ago my tree look beautiful but now that Emilie has had her hands all over it we have two broken branches and baubles all mixed up :)

{The Fox & boots are the kids new decorations for this year}

{Both James & Emilie's first baubles}

{My cousin won a Christmas Card competition a few years ago! This comes out every November and takes pride of place}

Keeping it simple this year because of a certain toddler... 

And now for a fun giveaway! Laura over at The Everyday Joys  & I have teamed up and are offering the winner 3 Scentsy bars of your choice! 

Good luck! 


  1. Oh, your tree looks so British! Lovely!Lovely! Lovely!

  2. Beautiful tree, and beautiful decorations :)

  3. Very nice tree and decorations!

  4. Love your tree & I love learning about the different traditions in England. Thanks for sharing!


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