Blogmas 2014 - Preparing For Christmas!

I've missed the past few days of this link up but Emilie has an awful cold that has knocked her for six and also croup so she isn't sleeping and is clingy clingy clingy!

Todays prompt is all about preparing for Christmas..

I love Christmas Day but I find the run up to it stressful more than magical. I find myself worrying about everything, from the food to the gifts, do the kids have enough? will the vegetables go bad before I cook them? You name it and I worry about it.

Today though, James finishes school! He went in this morning in his 'festive' clothing..

I've brought all the children's gifts, I just need to wrap them, hopefully tonight! I just need to get a few last minute gifts for some family and then thats done.

I feel like now James is finishing school that it's starting to feel a bit more like Christmas.. That's not to say that I won't still spend the next five days worrying.. It's my type A personality :) 


  1. Oh, he looks so cute! Beautiful photo!

  2. Oh I'm jealous you're almost done with your gifts. I still have so much left to get people!

  3. haaaa love his t'shirt!! reminds me of my boys.

    Hope your few days before Christmas are full of excitement and anticipation more than worry.


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