Blogmas 2014 Day Two - What Christmas Means To You?

Day Two - What does Christmas mean to me?

Christmas is my favourite holiday. More so now that we have children. I don't need to receive presents. Just giving them and seeing the magic in my children's eyes is enough for me. What does Christmas mean to me though?...

{James 1st Christmas - 2009}

Family, love, crackers, Turkey,
Battening down the hatches, 
Magic, children, festivities, 
laughter, joy, carols, 

{Christmas - 2010}

hot chocolate & gingerbread men, 
being together, giving, decorations, 
making memories, giving thanks, 
blankets, cozy evenings, lazy mornings, 

{Emilie's 1st Christmas - 2013}

Board games, singing & being silly. 
Christmas pudding & chocolate log, 
traditions, santa & mistletoe, 

{Christmas 2013}

What does Christmas mean to you?


  1. Oh, all of that too! [Am posting my post later]....

  2. Love it, Christmas is about so much more than just presents isn't it? :)

  3. Beautiful! Love to read how others celebrate and feel about the holidays...love the pics of your children; so precious! (I had originally wanted to do a poem on mine but it just didn't come out that way.


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