Blogmas 2014 - Day One - Your favourite Christmas tradition.

It's the first day of Blogmas 2014! Lets get this show on the road :) If you want to join in then just head over to Sandra's blog and link up there.

Today's prompt is..

Your favourite Christmas tradition. 

Oh I have so many! I love the fact that now I am a Mummy I get to watch Christmas through my children's eyes and I get to create some of that magic for them. Every christmas morning when we come downstairs, the look in James' eyes when he see's the presents and realises that Santa has been, brings tears to my eyes. I remember that feeling of waking up and wondering what would be waiting downstairs. 

Since James came along I've started a few traditions and brought some from my childhood with me. I can't pick just one so I've gone for three :) (I'm breaking the rules on the first day.. Oops!) 

1 - This one I brought with me.. My Mum use to always cook sausage rolls on christmas morning. Just the smell of them baking takes me right back. I couldn't imagine christmas without them. The first thing I do when we come downstairs is break out a bag from the freezer and pop them in the oven to start cooking. 

2 - James loves this one. Fresh new PJ's for christmas eve.. Sometimes Christmas themed, sometimes not. I wrap them up and then he gets to open them before his bath. Last year it was the first time Emilie had worn PJ's and not a baby grow to bed so it was doubly nice :) I still need to purchase them both a pair for this year. 

3 - This is my favourite one. I think quite a few people do this but every year the kids get a new decoration for the tree. Sometimes James picks his, other times, like this year I buy it when he's at school and surprise him. This year he got a fox and Emilie got a pair of boots, in honour of her taking her first few steps! James loves going through his previous decorations each year and hearing the story about where they were brought. Their first ones were both 'Babies first Christmas' and then the year. When they're older I will give them their boxes of decorations for their own tree or just for memories sake. 

And theres my three :) Happy December! 


  1. Ooh, so nice! I forgot to include the tradition about 'a new Christmas bauble each'....I'll do that another day! Sausage rolls: may have to make those for the littles on Christmas morning! And PJs? We do that one too!!!!!!! Oh, loved reading your first Christmas post! Loved it!

  2. My mum used to do the PJ one with me on Christmas eve, I loved that tradition. Our new tradition is to go to the pub on Christmas eve :)

    Corinne x

  3. We always get new pajamas too and every year we'd get a new ornament in our stockings. I love Christmas traditions. My favorite is our Charley Brown tree. It's a branch that my dad has mounted and spray painted gold. We would each get one to put up in our room to decorate. Even now that I'm married and away from home I still put it up every year!

  4. Love it, we share some of the traditions :) I haven't had a sausage roll in YEARS, oh my goodness now you've made me crave them.

    My kids also buy a decoration every year for the tree and one day I will give it to them as they start their own family :)


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