The Funny Things My Kids Say & Do..

For a few years now I share the funny things that James comes out with on Facebook, mostly so I don't forget them. Today Emilie inspired me to me to write a post dedicated to the funny things my kids say or do..

1 - Distraction works best for Emilie at her age when she is naughty or into something that she shouldn't be. This evening she was sat on the sofa with Anthony and she smacked him around the head. He took her off the sofa and put her down on the floor.  James asked why she wasn't allowed on the sofa.. 

"Because she smacked Daddy so now she's having a time out from the sofa.."

Upon hearing this Emilie crawled over to the corner where James has always been sent to time out, she shut the door and proceeded to sit there... Turns out she understands more than we think :) 

2 - James sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating. If he's drawing, concentrating on a game or trying to master riding his bike, you can guarantee that his tongue will be poking out there.
Over the past three days it appears that Emilie does the same thing. She's been walking, little bits here and there, and always with her little tongue poking out.

3 - Conversation with James the other day.. 

James - "Mum, the other day at school we were raising money for the Macmillan Nurses and I know what they do."
Me - "Whats that then?"
James - "They help to look after people who have cancer........ And Ebola.."

4 - Emilie kissing herself in the mirror.. She even puckers up :)

5 - Every morning James tries to sneak down the stairs when he wakes up, then jumps into the living room and asks.. "Did you think I was a burglar?"

Every day these two make me laugh and as Emilie is getting older and able to play more I dread to think the mischief that they are going to get up to!

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