Just A Stay At Home Mum?

I was at the hospital on Tuesday with James for an assessment with an Occupational Therapist. Whilst James was playing with one of the ladies and being assessed I was with another lady filling out paperwork and consent forms. When she asked me what my occupation was I replied..

"I'm just a stay at home Mum"

As soon as I answered, I asked myself why I had said that.. Just.. There is nothing just about being a stay at home Mum.. Sure if we wanted to then we could sit in our PJ's all day. We can choose to snuggle with the kids and watch Disney movies instead of traipsing around in the rain. We could nap whilst the baby naps (when there isn't dishes, laundry or a mountain of other chores to do!) 

On the flip side though, there are no holidays, no weekends off.. No clocking out at 5pm. No rolling over at 4am and ignoring the crying baby. We get up in the morning, whether we feel good or not, and we make breakfasts. We feed babies. We make beds. We pack lunches whilst breaking up fights. We stop the toddler from climbing onto the radiator (I done this twice this morning!), whilst trying to convince them that brushing their teeth is a good thing. We walk the kids to school in the freezing cold and then head home to clean up the house that was finally spotless the night before. We try and get the little ones to nap whilst trying to find something semi-healthy for dinner. We switch laundry from the washing machine to the dryer and look at the piles of clean clothes wondering if they will ever make it back into the draws. We clean up from lunch and sweep the floors again. We pay the bills and try to meal plan in the time the baby sleeps. We head back out to school and then try to get homework, dinner and baths in so that they have enough time to play before bedtime. We finally get the kids into bed and hope against hope that at least one of them will sleep through the night. We tidy up from dinner and sweep the floor again. We remember that the clothes are still in the dryer. We then remember that we haven't showered yet today. We collapse into the chair and wonder if we really need a shower or if it can wait until tomorrow. We try to have a coherent conversation with our husbands. We actually wonder if we've spoken to another adult at all that day. We sleep with one ear still listening out incase anyone needs you. 

The next time someone asks me what my occupation is I am going to be proud to say, 'I'm a stay at home Mum..' Theres no just in that.. 


  1. Oh, what a powerful post.....I loved so much of it, so many special lines. You have a gift for this writing thing ;) Loved the line, " We sleep with one ear still listening out incase anyone needs you".....it's exactly what us Mums do! I'm totally with you: there's no room for 'just' in a stay-at-home Mum's life....just as there's no 'shame' in a single Mums life (despite the fact that everyone would like to make you think there is). [I had to laugh about wondering whether you've showered or not.....yesterday I went to get my daughter from the bus after nursery without having combed my hair....I totally hadn't realised I hadn't combed it and it looked like some sort of nest (we had a right laugh about it, me and my daughter, as I saw what I looked like in the mirror in the lift on the way upstairs....!!!! Good job she's not slightly older otherwise all of her friends would have had ALOT to say about that today ;)].....

  2. Great post. Definitely don't under sell yourself! It takes a lot to do it. As a stay at home dad I try to down play it. The moment I say I'm a stay at home dad everyone jumps on and makes a big deal out of it. I hate that. No difference between a sahd and a sahm we all have to do a bucket list every morning and get on with it. So drop the 'just' ☺


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