Emilie - Sixteen Months.

Sixteen months.. I was just saying to Anthony this morning that in some ways she now seems so grown up but in other ways she still feels like a baby to me. I try and not compare Emilie to James when he was her age but she definitely appears 'younger' than he did at sixteen months. Although they look so similar :) 

She is definitely our little diva. Still a temperamental soul and so unpredictable that she regularly gives me whiplash with her mood swings. Any change to her routine and she lets us know about it. On the other hand though she is so loving and this past month is loving snuggling up with either of us. Several times a day she comes to me with her dummy and cloth and I have to stop everything to sit down on the sofa and cuddle. I'm not complaining. This age is fun and snuggle time just adds to that. 

A year ago today at just four months old.. {Thank you Time Hop}

The biggest milestone achieved this month was that Emilie started walking! She can now walk from one side of the living room to the other.. She just chooses not to do it very often.. I'm guessing that she thinks that crawling is faster. She also refuses to walk if anyone other than myself, James or Anthony are in the room or on any other floor surface (i.e - the kitchen floor!) I know she'll get their in her own time but she's been teasing us for a long time now! 

A few photos of my phone from this month.. 

{The Mummy I pulled the plug out face}

{Feeding herself a yoghurt for the first time}

Happy SIXTEEN months Boo Boo!


  1. Oh, she's so beautiful!

  2. Trying to catch up with a little reading before I go to bed...this little doll is PRECIOUS!!! We spoiled my newest grandchild this year - a 5 month old little girl (I have a 17 year old granddaughter, and 4 grandsons! So, you can imagine how we are all spoiling this little girl! Thanks for sharing...guess by now Christmas is over for your family; hope it was a special one!


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