Emilie - Fifteen Months Old.

Four days ago Emilie turned fifteen months old.. Looking back at when James was that age it feels like he was so much older than she seems but I think that was because he was walking at twelve months old. This past month if she is in the right mood then she will walk holding onto my hands but if she doesn't want to then she doesn't move! She's a stubborn little thing when she wants to be. 

My gosh can she talk though! If we're around people then she doesn't say a word but when we're at home she doesn't stop and is coming out with new words daily. Sometimes it takes me a few attempts to work out what a new word is but we get there in the end. 

Some words she uses daily are.. juice, dog, down, peppa, bath, wa-wa & cloth (Her dummy and comfort blanket) bye bye. 

Emilie will eat anything that you put in front of her. The only thing that she refuses is cows milk so for now she is still having two bottles of formula a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. 

It's been a good month overall and I love seeing my little girls personality shine through more and more each day. She is obsessed with her big brother and tomorrow when he goes back to school after the half term break I think she's really going to miss him.. As am I! 

Happy FIFTEEN months Boo Boo! 


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