...reading  About ten minutes ago I finished Captivated By You, by Sylvia Day. It's the fourth book in the Crossfire series and I am in love with the characters Gideon & Eva! I cannot wait for the 5th and final book!

...watching Friends is on the TV as background noise. My favourite show! I love how you don't have to think about it when you watch it. You can just sit for thirty minutes and laugh :) 

...eating Nothing.. I've got a roast chicken cooking. 

...loving The weather, apart from the constant rain. Spending another weekend at home with nowhere to be. Emilie taking a few steps every now and then. 

...enjoying Emilie's nap time! She hasn't been sleeping well at all the past week and I am exhausted! She's cranky during the day because she's tired and it seems like we're in a bit of a vicious circle. 

...thinking About when I can put the christmas decorations up! Also that I need to finish shopping for the kids.

...feeling Tired.. Actually exhausted. I need a holiday! 

...hoping That the coming week is better than last week. I need to get into a more positive mind space.

...listening The house is silent apart from Friends on the TV. Emilie is sleeping and James & Anthony are out shopping! The peace and quiet is lovely. 

...Wearing Jeans and a jumper. It's freezing today! 

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