Morning Tea - A doodling baby - James playing the Wii - Emilie testing her legs out. 

...reading  I finished Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult on Friday. It was amazing. I love every book she has written but this was definitely her best. I haven't started a new book yet, I like to leave a few days after I've read a really good book. The characters tend to stay in my head for a bit. 

...watching I recently started watching The Walking Dead. I'd never watched it before so I started from the first season. I'm hooked. Most nights you will find me curled up in bed watching at least one episode before I go to bed.. To prove this I will admit that I am already on season four :) The past few nights I've also had dreams about zombies.. 

...eating We had a roast dinner about two hours ago. I do have a bar of chocolate all ready for once the kids are in bed though! 

...pinning Nothing this week. I've been battling a cold and been feeling pretty pants. 

...loving Today. It has been awesome to stay at home, Anthony is off work and we've spent the day all together. Also tonight Emilie started walking! Up until now she has only taken one or two steps but this evening she was walking from one end of the living room to the other. 

...enjoying My family, the colder weather & cooking (I have found some awesome recipes this week)

...thinking About how proud of my kids I am. They really are amazing little things.

...feeling Inspired but tired. 

...hoping That my cold gets better this week. It's gone to my chest so I sound about 90 years old.

...listening To Anthony & James playing. I can also hear Emilie on the monitor.. She's meant to be sleeping. 

...Wearing My PJ's all ready for a snuggled night.. with maybe one episode of The Walking Dead.

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  1. Yay Emilie! Hope you enjoyed your chocolate - nothing like a sneaky bar of chocolate you've managed to hide from the littles for that special 'just for me' moment when they're in bed ;)


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