Tomorrow Is A New Day.

It feels like at the moment I need to start every post with why I haven't written in three, four, five days. I have one simple answer. Life. I have so many things I want to write about. So many thoughts that I need to put into words but life comes along and certain things have to come first.. Yesterday afternoon my Sister and niece were here and stayed for dinner (Love spending time with them!) James was acting out a bit and I gave him a run down of everything that I still had to do before the kids went to bed.. My sister was like.. "Wow! That's a lot.." Yep, my days are jam packed full but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way, even if I do have to schedule in showers and blogging..

Yesterday was a bad day. One of those days where I should have just gone to back to bed and started over again.. Before 6.45am Emilie had smashed my iPhone, I had cut myself and broken my sim card.. It didn't get any better through out the day and by the end of it the puppy had escaped from the garden, Emilie had thrown about six tantrums between 2pm and 6pm and James nearly spontaneously combusted when he had to wait fifteen minutes for his pudding. The relief I felt when the kids were finally tucked up in bed and asleep and I could sit down for five minutes without being needed was amazing. The only thing I like about bad days is knowing that tomorrow is a new day and I can start over.

And start over we did. Today James had Dinosaur morning at school. We had to make consumes for them and then all the Mum's went into class with them this morning. We got to play with them, paint, draw, go outside and play with dinosaur goo! Then we all had a snack together (dinosaur biscuits that the children made yesterday! One for them and one for their Mum). James was so excited to take me into school and for me to see him in his world. I was looking through his work book and I cannot even put into words how proud I was.. On one piece of work there was a picture of an egg and they had to write down what they thought would be in the egg.. James' response was..

I think there is a hen in the egg because hens lay eggs.. 

I cannot fault his logic :)

Another piece, they had to write a fact about dinosaurs..

Dinosaurs have been dead for 65,000 years so they are extincted. 

I love how he wrote 'extincted' 

I am so grateful for the fact that I get to be a stay at home Mum and I can attend the school events and be apart of James' school life and eventually Emilie's too. I want them both to know that they will always see my face in the audience at the Christmas play or cheering them on from the sidelines at sports day. I want them to look back when they're older and know that not only was I there but I wanted to be there. 

Please excuse the quality of the photos! All were taken this morning before school, in a rush on my phone! 

My sister made his costume! Crafty little lady! 


  1. Love your sentiment - there's always tomorrow! Love his costume! (so clever!) [Yes, reading children's writing is so special isn't it?!]


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