Saturday Random.

This weekend is a mixture of venturing out and hibernating at home. Emilie's friend had her first birthday party this afternoon. I wasn't sure how she would deal with all the people and was pretty sure that she would be stuck to me. Thankfully she loved it! She had a few moments where she needed me for the extra security but other than that she was happy to explore and feel things out for herself. I hope this means we are rounding a corner with her separation anxiety. Tomorrow I am all set to baton down the hatches and (hopefully!) clean and organise the house. Sundays is the only day Anthony is home from work so with an extra pair of eyes on the kids it means I can do all those niggly little jobs that I never get around to in the week..

Some randomness for this chilly Saturday night.. 

One// This evening I found Jess Connolly's blog and immediately loved it. She is currently taking part in the 31 day challenge with The Nester. She has chosen to write about Practicing Messy Motherhood and I was gripped. Sometimes it feels like Mum's have to be perfect, to be able to do it all and still have time at the end of the day. In reality, it can't be like that all the time. Sure I have days where I feel like a super Mum. I get five loads of washing done, the house all cleaned, I let the kids go wild with the arts and crafts and a home cooked meal manages to make it's way onto the table.. Those days though are few and far between.. Most days by 4pm, Emilie is in her nappy and vest, with one shoe on and the other lost in a mountain of toys. She has breakfast stuck in her hair and her knees are covered in dirt. I've always been told that a messy kid is a happy kid so I'm just going to roll with that :) Head over and check out her 31 days series so far, it's inspiring. This week I think I am going to write out my own Mum Confessions. 

Two// Autumn is definitely heading our way. I couldn't believe it on the 1st of this month when the sun was blazing and it felt more like August than October. Today it's been chilly and raining.. I don't mind the chill.. I'm not a fan of the rain though.

Three// Last week I watched a documentary on Netflix called "Hungry For Change" Long story short it's pretty much about the food that we eat and how bad it is for our bodies. Now my diet is terrible. My problems with Emetophobia have led me to have problems with food. I've struggled with eating for years. After watching this documentary though it really made me think. Since watching it I've started making changes to what I eat. Small changes, very small, but I'm trying and hopefully the baby steps will all add up to big steps. 

Four// I am on the hunt for some new slow cooker recipes. When the weather starts turning colder two things happen in my kitchen. Porridge for breakfast and the slow cooker gets dusted off. I'm getting a bit bored of cooking my same old tried and tested stews though so I'm looking for some new ideas. I love throwing something in the pot in the morning and knowing that's it until I dish it up at 4.30pm. What Mum doesn't like short cuts? Right? If you have any recipe gems then feel free to throw them my way! 

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  1. What a lovely post! [Dare I suggest Pinterest for slow cooker recipes??!!]


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