Five On Friday.

Friday again! The weeks are flying by and Christmas is coming at us with full speed. This makes me both happy and nervous.. Happy because, well, it's Christmas! My favourite holiday but nervous because I haven't even started my Christmas shopping.. I'm going to start this weekend to try and calm my nerves!

So here goes.. Five On Friday.

1// Mornings in our house are crazy. Anthony has already left for work when the kids and I get up. Emilie wants her bottle, James wants breakfast, the dog wants to go out.. Then James wants help getting dressed whilst Emilie wants her breakfast whilst the dog wants a walk. Then Emilie fights me to get dressed, whilst James is moaning that he wants to go to school, while the dog still wants a walk. By this point Emilie is screaming, James is mad and the dog is going mental. All the while I feel like I am in the middle of a hurricane.. It normally ends up with me moaning about how I hate mornings and trying to shout above the screams to get everyone out of the door in time for school. On Wednesday morning it got to me. James ended up in time out for being rude, the dog got put in the cage, her walk having to wait because we had ran out of time. I dropped James at school and on the walk home I felt awful. Although on the way to school I had apologised for being stressed and he had replied with, 'That's okay Mum, don't worry about it...' I still felt bad. I made a promise to myself then that I wouldn't let mornings get to me like that again. I wouldn't shout to make myself heard. I wouldn't moan about how stressful they were.. Yesterday and today have gone better! It's amazing but I think because I'm not allowing myself to get worked up, the kids are actually calmer.. Maybe there is something to the saying, "A happy Mum makes a happy home'.... 

2// I found this article today on Facebook.. Every married couple needs to read it! 50 pieces of advice for a happy marriage. Some of the points are so sweet :)

3// James was off school on Monday with a cold.. He was okay in himself but coughed his way through Sunday night so I thought that a day off would help him. I was wondering if I had done the right thing but that same day I read an article about how a Mental Health Day everyone once in a while for kids isn't a bad thing... It made me feel better! He was back to school the next day. Still sniffling but well rested :)

4// Anthony has the whole weekend off! He normally has to work Saturdays but not this weekend. James is so excited about seeing his Dad for two whole days in a row!

5// What is a post without a photo? All morning Emilie has been holding James' camera up and saying 'Cheeeeese...' She takes after her Mama in her love of photography! Haha!

Happy Friday!


  1. The beginning of your number 1 had me rolling round in stitches! Our house to a tee! Hope you have a lovely weekend (two whole days together as a family - lovely!): ENJOY EVERY MOMENT xxx

  2. It's so funny - it's not even November and I'm already getting nervous about Christmas shopping this year! Christmas is also my favorite holiday! :)

  3. awww. your gal is so cute and i love her name! i'm days away from having our second gal and we have no clue what to name her. also...found you through five on friday! if you want, we have a link up that you could link up to called oh hey, friday! we'd love to have you! http://farmerbell.blogspot.com


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