Day Two - What makes me happy?

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Through two other bloggers that I follow I have just read about the Blog-tember Challenge that's being hosted by Brave Love. Last year I participated in the Blog Everyday In May challenge with Jenni  and I loved it so I figured why not try it again. I'm hoping that I will be able to keep up!

I've missed day one so I'm just going to jump in today :)

Day 2 - Write about what makes you happy. From the little joys to the huge game changers. 

Have you ever read the book, 14,000 reasons to be happy? I brought it a few years ago and I love how if I'm having a bad day I can pick it up, open it to a random page and I never fail to find something that makes me smile and nod my head in agreement. 

Taking inspiration from that book, I'm going list style. 

Waking up to clear blue skies
Hearing my children laugh
Homemade soup
Fresh flowers in the house
My husband walking in from work
Decorating.. (Call me crazy but I love painting walls) 
Feeding Emilie her bottles. At 13 months old she still sits in my lap whilst I feed her. 
Social media.. It's my social life!
Hearing James talk all about his day after school
Walking Molly.. There is something relaxing about walking dogs :)
My MacBook
Melted butter on toast
Taking photos.. Documenting my babies lives
A clean house

What makes you happy? 


  1. "Amen" to all of the things on your list.

  2. I love love love having fresh flowers in the house - it just helps make everyday feel a little bit cheerier!

  3. Mmm I would go as far to say that melted butter on just about anything makes me happy. ;)

  4. Homemade soup is pretty amazing! And fresh flowers around the house will definitely bring an extra smile every time I see them.


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