Day Twenty-Seven - A Wish List.

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Day 27 - What's on your wish list?

An iPhone 5. I had one but it was stolen last year. Since then I've been using an iPhone 4 and it just isn't the same.

A Nikon D7000. My sister recently purchased one and I can see why they are so expensive. If I had an overflowing bank account this would be the first thing on my list!

A sleigh bed. I have no idea why but I've always wanted one.

A trip to New York. Preferably at Christmas but I'll take anytime. I'm not picky :) My Mum just got back yesterday. She spent her 50th birthday there and looking at her photos makes me all the more eager to go.. 

Just three more days of the blog-tember challenge left! Can you believe how fast it has gone? I think we need to do another month!  


  1. I've been wanting a camera too but not one that will cost me my right kidney. I'm hoping to find a good deal during black Friday. If not, I'll be sticking with the camera on my phone, which isn't too bad.

  2. I'll have one of all of those too, please!!!!!


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